Regular exercise at ARTZOONA

Regular exercise at ARTZOONA

Thursday 10.00 - 11.00

ARTZOONA is a project of the Prague Children's Ballet, which has created its own methodology in cooperation with the best lecturers and experts who are among the top in the dance industry. Their patron is Mr. Vlastimil Harapes

The lesson concepts mix movements from dance gymnastics, folk dance, ballet and yoga for children.  Various movement games and dance improvisations are also an integral part. 

Children have the opportunity to learn dance steps and exercises that support correct posture and stature. Thanks to short dance variations, they develop movement memory and the musical and aesthetic side of their personality.

Dance develops a sense of music, coordination in space, promotes graceful movements and is a great way to improve children's fitness, flexibility and social skills.

Music club

Music club

Tuesday 15.00 – 16.00
Jan Sýkora

The content of the club is to introduce children to music as such in a playful way, through songs, rhythmic games and opportunities to try out a whole range of musical instruments. 

Children will be taught proper breathing, voice placement, articulation, but also development of their musical hearing, sense of rhythm and intonation.

The primary goal of the club is to share the joy of singing and music, while embracing the good feeling from a newly learned song.

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Prechool Curriculum

We follow our own curriculum which has organically been created by all teachers in Motýlek and it can be dowloaded.

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