In our Czech – English preschool, when communicating with children ,we follow the teachings of Zdeněk Matějček, who was an important figure in child psychology.  Our staff is perfectly trained and they follow his path when working with children. According to Matějček, the punishment „does not raise“ the children well. According to his work hope, faith and love are the very basic means of raising the children.

Our philosophy:

  • Kind and sensitive approach based on individual needs
  • Respect for each child and it´s uniques
  • Empathetic perception of children's world
  • Supporting the natural development of the child

In our preschool we have a friendly atmosphere that enables the children to learn more about the outside world. Come and see how a good quality environment encourages the development of children´s personalities.

More information about the staff to be found under Our team section.


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Prechool Curriculum

We follow our own curriculum which has organically been created by all teachers in Motýlek and it can be dowloaded.

„Motýlek ( Butterfly ) flying to gain more knowledge“ – our first life journey