Planned events - 2022/2023 school year  - we will continuously add events 

March programme

  • 1.week

    It was winter between us, now it's beyond the mountains.

    Observing the spring awakening of nature from its winter slumberLearning about folk customs and traditions

  • 2.week

    Birds in the spring, who is returning to us and from where?

    Welcoming migratory birdsChanges in spring weather

  • 3.week Spring enchantmen Getting to know the processes that happen in nature during spring.                               

     15.3. Preventive program - modern technologies 

  • 4.week

     Water around us, the cycle of water.

      22.3. World Water Day

  • 5.week

    Spring is here, peeking into the garden.

    Getting acquainted with gardening work

    Recognizing spring flowers and arranging flower beds in kindergarten - "Blooming Path" - drawing with chalk on the pavement.slunickofull.png